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Use this tool to quickly create printable HTML content online - it's easy and free. Click on the editable area below to start editing.
Powered with ContentBuilder.js, a JQuery content editor plugin with beautiful blocks to drag & drop.

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This editable area has a collection of beautifully designed content blocks to help you create beautiful content in a very short time. Just drag & drop the blocks (on the right side) into your content. After a content block is dropped, you can edit it in-place. The editing toolbar (shown on the left side) allows you to format text, e.g. apply font (from Google font collection), adjust size, apply heading, and much more. To embed an image, hover over an image and click the camera icon.

Use this tool to create all kinds of content. The Save button will save your content to your browser's local storage. Click the Print button to show the 'Print View' dialog and print your content (best printed using Chrome browser).